Opera night!

Final Fantasy VI had some cool features to it that made it unique or made my memories of it special. There is a scene in the Opera where we see some interesting things happening in the game, we are shown an actual Opera scene. After playing the game a few times over the years I think this scene is interesting for new things. Like trying to take gaming as serious as possible while keeping the overall feel fun and enjoyable. I don’t know how serious a video game can be since the current trend is so comical in nature with high violence and with the creative imagination of most character designs.

I don’t mean games can’t be serious, of course there are emotional moments in games but most games aren’t like Heavy Rain where there is almost no comical aspect to them. I think for an older game that was developed seriously, they had to consider or encounter this strange dynamic of how serious could they really be? I love this scene and it’s one of the more unique ones in gaming history.


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