NHL ’98 Blackhawks vs Europe

Last night’s contest’s featured some amazing hockey from some of the worlds best players. The Blackhawks were challenged to hold leads as team Europe, led by what some have been calling one of the best European player of all time, Jarimir Jagr, were relentless in their comebacks as they repeatedly scored every time the Blackhawks did. Further troubles where compounded with timely goals from Sergei Fedorov, Peter Bondra and Pavel Bure, as well as some stellar saves by Dominik Hasek.

After which the Blackhawks, led by an all-star cast of depth on defense with Chris Chelios, Gary Suter, and Keith Carney, keeping the pressure on while star forwards Tony Amonte and Ulf Dahlen grinded out goals with excellent passing from each of the four line’s centers Alexei Zhamnov, Denis Savard, Brent Sutter and Jeff Shantz. The European team was furious in their pace but in the final game it was Eric Daze who scored in overtime for the winner ( though in matches this close and simulated its really a tragedy to have to call it at all ).

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